1. Printing and dispatching of bills on service charges, water payment, master fire insurance, payment of quit rent, etc. on behalf of M.C.
  2. Assisting in the collection of management dues : service charge, water payment, insurance, quit rent, etc.
  3. Implementing activities to maximize service charge collections and minimize debts.
  4. Ensuring all payments made to service providers are paid in accordance with the agreements made.
  5. Advising residents on their responsibility in settling their monthly dues promptly and explaining the consequences of delayed payment.
  6. Printing the monthly statements of account and cash-flow statements.
  7. Printing the monthly statement on the management fund account.
  8. Banking-in services for daily collections.
  9. Responding promptly to maintenance and management complaints from residents
  10. Advising and assisting residents in resolving their facilities problems ;
  11. Holding discussions with resident committees / owners on facilities problems.
  12. Proposing auditors for the annual account ;
  13. Liaising with public and private bodies on matters related to the management of facilities in the buildings.
  14. Advising on proposals to cut down on maintenance costs and implementing a cost-effective system of facilities management.
  15. Proposing/Providing effective service contractors for the property.
  16. Ensuring adequate and effective management of the property.
  17. Provides 24-hour maintenance services to MCs / JMCs at minimal costs.
  18. Ensuring that the MCs / JMCs are presented with the Approval Requests documents to repair, rectification or upgrading work that exceed a certain amount as decided by the MCs / JMCs.
  19. Providing advice on particular issues.
  20. Assisting in tender submissions for repair / upgrading works.
  21. Providing home-assist facilities to needy residents.
  22. Providing building audit services for MCs / JMCs.
  23. Providing advice on contentious issues.
  24. Carry out regular inspection of the building fabric and its facilities and to make proposals for its maintenance and upgrading.
  25. Notifying the MCs / JMCs of any proposed zoning or planning amendments by the local authority.
  26. Recommending, appointing and supervising the necessary site staff.
  27. Reviewing and recommending all existing service and maintenance contracts.
  28. To ensure the site management office comply with the requirements of the MCs/JMCs./li>
  29. To identify weaknesses in the management and maintenance policies proposed by the MCs / JMCs and to rectify them.
  30. Maintain a proper record of all management and maintenance documents particularly documents related to maintenance expenses and management directives.
  31. Maintain a stock book on the acquisition of all stocks purchased for the use of the property management office.
  32. Full and complete presentation of all documents in any handing-over process to any party involved in the management of the property.